Tom Selleck naked

Tom Selleck has a very hot body and I would like to see him naked! Thomas William “Tom” Selleck is currently from the USA actor, and also film producer.

Various new information on Tom Selleck:
Nationality: American
Penis size: 7.5 inches (just our guess!)
Date of birth: 1945-01-29
Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Occupation: Actor
Tom Selleck is famous for: A Love Story (1982) (TV), Christmas in Hawaii (1981) (TV), The Concrete Cowboys (1979) (TV), The Sacketts (1979) (TV), The Chinese Typewriter (1979) (TV), The Gypsy Warriors (1978), Superdome (1978) (TV), Coma (1978), The Washington Affair (1977), Bunco (1977) (TV), Midway (1976), Most Wanted (1976) (TV), Returning Home (1975) (TV), A Case of Rape (1974) (TV), Terminal Island (1973), Shadow of Fear (1973), Daughters of Satan (1972), The Seven Minutes (1971), Myra Breckinridge (1970), The Movie Murderer (1970) (TV)

Selleck had acted in many TV roles such as Dr.

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